Bulletin of the Technical Committee on Learning Technology, Volume 17, Issue 3, October 2015

IEEE TCLT Bulletin, 17(3), October 2015

IEEE TCLT Bulletin, Volume 17, Issue 3, October 2015

ISSN 2306-0212
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Editorial, 1
Sabine Graf and Charalampos Karagiannidis, Co-Editors

Special Issue Articles: Issue on Mobile, Ubiquitous and Pervasive Learning

Social Augmented Learning, 2-5
Andreas Müller, Christian Dominic Fehling and Bodo Urban

Game @ School: Teaching STEM through Mobile Apps and Role-based Games, 6-9
Annalisa Terracina and Massimo Mecella

UP SCHOOL: Introduction of Pervasive Learning Technologies to Enhance Classic Educational Models, 10-13
Paolo Garau, Ludovico Boratto, Salvatore Carta and Gianni Fenu

A Cybernetic Method to Deal with Cognitive Load in U-Learning Environments: Conceptual Proposal, 14-17
Leonor Adriana Cárdenas-Robledo and Alejandro Peña-Ayala

Regular Articles

DoosMooc: An Online Learning Environment Equipped with Innovative Social Interactions, 18-21
Fatemeh Orooji, Fattaneh Taghiyareh and Pezhman Nasirifard