IEEE International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies
September 9-12, 2002
Kazan, Russia


Some PowerPoint Presentations of the event

Intelligent Agents in a Teaching and Learning Environment on the Web
(Clara-Inés Peña, Jose-L Marzo and Josep-Lluis de la Rosa)

Learning Resources Reusability: Technical Standards Approach
(Learning Objects Demo)

(Kateryna Synytsya)

Developing a Virtual Piano Playing Environment
(Alexander Broersen)

Effects of media on students' culture of learning

Granular Approach to Adaptivity in Problem-based Learning Environment
(Sally He, Kinshuk, Hong Hong, Ashok Patel)

An Agent-Based Recommending System for Lesson Plan Sequencing
(David Yang, Tombo Lin & Kurtise Wu)

BIBLES: Benevolent Behavior In A Web Based Learning Environment Simulator
(Jin-Tan David Yang & Teng-Yuan Chang)

Building Educational Virtual Environments
(C. Bouras and T. Tsiatsos)

Extending the Limits of CVEs to Support Collaborative e-Learning Scenarios
(C. Bouras and T. Tsiatsos)

Diagnosing Language Transfer in a Web-based ICALL that Self-Improves its Student Modeler
(Victoria Tsiriga & Maria Virvou)

Integrating Adaptive Techniques into Virtual University Learning Environment
(John Garofalakis, Evangelos Sakkopoulos, Spiros Sirmakessis, Athanasios Tsakalidis)

Simulation Based Situation Awareness Training for Control of Human-Machine-Systems
(S. Leuchter & L. Urbas)


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