IEEE International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies
September 9-12, 2002
Kazan, Russia

Topics of Interest

The focus of the conference is on the design and development issues of advanced learning technologies. The topics of interest for the conference include but are not limited to:

  • Adaptive and intelligent applications
  • Advanced uses of multimedia and hypermedia
  • Application of artificial intelligence tools in learning technology
  • Application of instructional design theories
  • Architecture of learning technology systems
  • Building learning communities
  • Collaborative learning/groupware
  • Creative Design methods for new learning media
  • Distance Learning
  • Evaluation of learning technology systems
  • Integrated learning environments
  • Internet based systems
  • Knowledge Testing and Evaluation
  • Long-life learning
  • Media for learning in multicultural setting
  • Metadata for learning resources
  • Practical uses of authoring tools
  • Robots and Artifacts in Education
  • Socially intelligent agents
  • Speech and (Natural) Language Learning
  • Teaching/learning strategies
  • Virtual reality

The conference will focus on where the research in advance learning technology is heading and what are the implementation challenges in the real-world situations.


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