IEEE International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies
September 9-12, 2002
Kazan, Russia

Travel Information

Kazan is approximately 850 kilometres eastwards of Moscow.
The open session will be conducted in the Academy of Science of Tatarstan Republic (Bauman street, building 20), wich is located 15 minutes walk away by Kazan railway station. Tonight of 9 September all participants will be conveyed to Santa Resort where will be provided the main part of conference. On the morning of 13 September participants will be conveyed to Kazan.

How to get there... rail
We recommend that, whenever possible, overseas visitors reach Kazan via Kazan Railway Station. There are direct rail links between Kazan and Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Novokuznetsk, Ekaterinburg, Tyumen, Izhevsk and other major cities in Russia, Ukrain and other CIS countries. The single journey between Kazan and Moscow takes near 13 hours (one night or one day).
Taxis are usually available from outside the station, otherwise, there are bus, trolley and tram stops a few minutes walk away by Kazan railway station. Also local orginizing committee can meet you at station if necessary.
If you go to Kazan not from Moscow, please, use search engine It can help to essentially optimize your way.
Note: Buy tickets in advance! coach and bus
Kazan city is on the national coach network. You can get to Kazan by bus from near cities like Moscow, Ufa, Ioshkar Ola, Bugulma, Almetievsk and others. air
Please, search,, to find your International flight to Kazan.
Also there are a number of flights between Kazan and Frankfurt, Kiev, Barcelona, Istambul, Varna, Larnaka, Dubrovnik, Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Fergana, Krasnodar, Bugulma, Mineral Warters, Makhachkala, Norilsk, Novokuznetsk, Nizhnekamsk, Nizhnevartovsk, Neftejugansk, Samara, Surgut, Sochi, Baku, Simferopol, Samarkand, Tashkent.

From the Kazan International Airport, there are a number of travel options:

  • Taxis are usually available from outside the Airport. This is our recommended option.
  • Local orginizing committee can organize your meeting at Airport if necessary.
  • There is a shuttle bus from the Main Bus Station near the International Arrivals to centre of Kazan (total journey time is between 1 and 1 1/2 hours, depending on the time of day).


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We reccomend you to visit the following site:

The list of tourist agencies receiving the tourists in the Republic of Tatarstan and rendering relevant services can be found here.


Map of Russia Map of Kazan From Railway Station
to Discharge Point

How to Get a Visa

  1. Firstly, please, download this form and fill in it;
  2. Then send this form and copy of your passport to International Department of KSTU by fax (+7 8432 365768) or by e-mail (in "jpg" format);
  3. Two weaks after that you have to go to Russian embassy (or consular and visa service) in your country and get your visa.
Note: please, start this process as soon as possible.

Visa Requirements

In order to enter Russia, you will need a visa, which you can obtain by submitting an official invitation and documents to a Russian Consulate. Be sure to plan ahead and apply for your visa well in advance. For assistance, you would be well-advised to consult an experienced travel agent or visa service.
Within three days of your arrival, you are required to register your visa. Hotels typically do this automatically; if you will not be staying in a hotel, the inviting organization is responsible for taking care of this. If your visa is not registered, you may be prevented from leaving the country or forced to pay a large fine.

Contact Phones:
Consular Service Department of MID RF
+7 (095) 200 3245;
+7 (095) 244 4581;
+7 (095) 244 9139.

You can get information about obtaining visa to visit Russia on the following Web-sites:


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