Invited Keynote Speakers

Invited Keynote Speaker #1

Erik Duval, Professor, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium, Computer Science Department, Research Unit on Hypermedia and Databases (

Erik Duval's main activities are:
His current research interests are: hypermedia data models, the design and implementation of distributed hypermedia systems, metadata, computer science education, and, most generally, the application of information and communication technology in education and training.

Professor Duval is a:

  • Member of the IEEE Computer Society (Learning Technology Task Force
  • Member of the Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE)
  • Member of the Association for Computing machinery (ACM)
  • Board Member of the Belgian Association on Computer-Human Interaction (BelCHI)

Invited Keynote Speakers #2

  • Elliot Soloway, Professor, University of Michigan, USA

  • Cathleen Norris, Professor, Department of Technology and Cognition, University of North Texas, USA

Elliot Soloway is on the faculty at the University of Michigan; he is a Charles F. Thurnau Professor in College of Engineering, School of Education, and School of Information. He is also the founder and CEO of GoKnow, an educational software development company based in Ann Arbor.

For the past 14 years, Soloway and his colleagues in the Center for Highly Interactive Computing in Education (Hi-CE) now composed of over 60 undergraduate and graduate students - have been exploring the ways in which computing and communications technologies can be the catalyst in bringing a constructivist, inquiry-based pedagogy to K-12 science classrooms.

Dr. Norris' efforts in research, teaching and service all have a common focus: integrate learning technologies more effectively into classrooms, in K-12 as well as post-secondary education.. In the Snapshotsurvey Project, Norris is surveying educators around the country to better understand their uses of, beliefs about, and needs for technology in the classroom ( Additionally, Norris is exploring design guidelines that address the unique needs of children in the WebKids Project, and in the FindResearch Project, Norris is developing strategies to help educators extract value from the research literature on technology in education. Currently, Norris is Co-President of ISTE, the International Society for Technology in Education.

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Invited Keynote Speaker #3

Carlos Oliveira, IST Programme, European Commission

Carlos Oliveira is a project officer at the "Technology Enhanced Learning" unit part of Directorate E - "Interfaces, knowledge and content technologies. Applications. Information market" of European Commission's DG Information Society. He has a background in Telecommunications and Computer Engineering and holds an MSc from Instituto Superior Tecnico (Lisbon). In addition to his previous involvement in education and training activities before joining the European Commission he has been working in the development of a RTD strategy and the follow-up of projects in the area of ICT for learning for the last 4-5 years. Within FP5 he was the coordinator of the "School of Tomorrow" cluster which includes about 15 projects focused  on the innovative use of ICT aiming a contributing to improve effectiveness and cost efficiency of learning in schools (notably at secondary level).

His speech will give an overview of the achievements of previous RTD activities with a particular emphasis on the FP5 results and a discussion of the challenges faced in the future and development prospects offered by FP6 under the theme "technology enhanced learning"