IEEE International Workshop on Mobile and Wireless Technologies in Education,

August 29-30, 2002, Växjö University, Växjö, Sweden

About Växjö

Växjö has a long and rich history dating back to the 12th century when the missionary Sigfrid came to the town to convert the inhabitants to Christianity. In the middle of the 16th century Nils Dacke led the Farmer's Revolt from Kronoberg castle on the shores of lake Helga. Today you can visit the ruins of the castle which once saw bloody battle between the Danes and the Swedes. You can also visit the Cathedral in the city centre in its beautiful parkland and lakeside setting. Växjö was characterised in the 19th century by the great emigration from the then poverty and harsh life in Sweden to the great land in the west - America. The Dream of the West can be experienced at the House of Emigrants in the city. During the last 100 years Växjö has developed as an important cultural and business center in the south east Sweden.

Växjö's strength is a diverse business base with good co-operation between companies, the city and the university. There are large international companies in industry and forestry, small entrepreneurial firms, a number of large hi-tech businesses and rapidly growing IT-companies. The new economy is highly visible in Växjö. The InternetCity project links 200 IT companies in and around Växjö.

Småland is known for its entrepreneurial spirit, not least in Växjö where the strong spirit of co-operation between the municipality, companies and the university provides a driving force for the region. Växjö was recognised as the Swedish city with the strongest growth in 1999.

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