March 23-25, 2004
Jhongli, Taiwan, ROC

National Central University, Taiwan

Sponsored by

IEEE Learning Technology Task Force
IEEE Computer Society
Ministry of Education, Taiwan
Natioanl Science Council, Taiwan
National Central University
Research Center for Science and Technology of Learning
National Program of Science and Technology for e-Learning

IEEE WMTE 2003 will be held at National Central University, Taiwan. Taiwan is the world's leading manufacturer of computer technology, and an important center of mobile learning technology research and development in Asia. 


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Conference Theme: Mobile Support for Learning Communities

Emerging wireless and mobile technologies bring new opportunities for learners to be more intensely connected, either face-to-face or at a distance, and extend one’s learning community to friends, teachers, mentors, parents, and beyond. Modern learning theories advocate many social aspects of learning such as discourse, communities of practice, collaborative learning, internalization of social process, participation in joint activity, and situated learning. Thus it becomes natural to ask: How can wireless and mobile connections, sustained over time within a community, intensify the learning process? Conversely, how can ongoing connection with other learners intensify participants?sense of a more extended educational community?


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